@ISKF Soke Okubo Katsumi vۏ       

Soke started learning karate in 1972.
High school and university entered karate club and practiced Shotokan and Shorinji-ryu.
Seishinryu was introduced in 1975.
Appointed as the youngest branch manager in Seishinryu.
After university, joined the Self-Defense Forces.
The first Soke died, and while working Okubo Dojo opened.
Seishinryu was divided into several, but my DOJO became the largest organization.
It became a completely independent organization in 2012.

ISKF and Japan Seishinkai President /Okubo-ha Seishinryu Kenpo Karate-do
Japan Protector Karate Federation Adviser
Hokkaido Karate Protector Federation President
WUKO East Asia chairman/WUKO-Seishinryu Karate Director
WRBBOF Board members
IKMA President
OSRKKF Adviser
Seishinryu 10th-dan
Sanshinkan 10th-dan
Wuko 10th-dan
JPKF 8th-dan (Japan Protctor Karate Federation)
Incorporated foundation Toko Kyokai 8th-dan
(Education, Culture, Sports, Science and under the jurisdiction of the Ministry)




2013 SLi Lanka

Kaicho and Master Mimura

Okubo Katsumi