About ISKF

ISKF stands for International Seishinryu Karate Kobudo Federation.
ISKF is called Seishinkai as an organization name in Japan.
The ISKF karate style is called Seishinryu.
Seishinryu inherits the old style traditional karate (Okinawa Karate).
Welcome to Seishinkai Seishinryu Karate (Kenpo) Federation.
It comes from the old style of martial arts.
headquarters was north to Sapporo city, Hokkaido prefecture.
Grand Master Okubo Katsumi Sensei is the head of Seishinryu now.
Seishinryu in Japan has 80 branches and about 1500 members in Sapporo and the surrounding areas.
There are 3,000 members in 10 countries, including Japan.

  About Seishinryu Kenpo Karatedo

Seishinryu was founded in 1957 by Grand Master Kikuchi Kazuo.
After Soke's death, Seishinryu split up into several.
1985, Seishinryu Okubo Dojo was established.ISKF is the largest organization in Seishinryu karate.
ISKF has obtained the right to use the name of the public Seishinryu.
ISKF performs karate, jujutsu, Iai and Kobudo.

  About Old Style Karate

1.It is karate as Japanese traditional culture
2.It is karate which does not make competition sports the core

Guide the Seishin Karate reference room to students who visited from Asian countries

 International Seishinryu Karate-Kobudo Federation 

  •  Sakaedori2-1-17,Shiroishi-ku,SAPPORO,HOKKAIDO,JAPAN
            札幌市白石区栄通2丁目1-27 全日本清心会空手古武道連盟
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